Auspicious symbols

There is, for example, the sign of “longevity” (壽 shòu) : This symbol of fortune is attributed to one of the five blessings (long life, prosperity, health, love of virtue and peaceful death) and is, as such revered. In this context, in China one speaks of “baishòu”. Baishòu means “One Hundred Times Long Life” and also refers to a cave of the same name, where the Chinese character for “Long Life” was carved into the cliff in a hundred variations.
The symbol of the “fish” (鱼 yú)  , is always present in every Chinese household. It is a symbol of abundance, wealth and prosperity and therefore omnipresent: on textiles, wood, ceramics, stone, silver, gold, jade, marble or as living fish in a well or in a bulbous water glass.

Because these symbols are so precious, they are also captured in silk. We have brought this “auspicious” silk to you and combined it with jersey fabric into a dressy shape …


The result is a very comfortable and extremely elegant blouse that fits and is decorative, a perfect Shufu-Silk.


Do come and try them on in our boutique:

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