About us

Looking back, from today’s perspective, I suppose we could call ourselves a start-up (in a romantic sense). Even though our ages do
not fit in with today’s stereotype of the start-up scene, our careers, in some parts, correspond to the criteria that
constitute a start-up venture.

ulla k. was founded in 2005 and was inspired by the idea of ​​collecting the wonderfully crafted objects we
encountered during our almost 10 years stay in India and China, not just for personal upliftment, but to bring them
closer to those who appreciate such things and those who have the interest.

Our beginning was very modest, first out of a suitcase, later in a random room in a basement,
gradually evolving over time from various locations in the suburbs to our current boutique in a prime location.

We concurrently digitized our offers online which will ultimately lead to a combination
of the online and the offline shopping experience. Even though the online look of the objects can be
brilliant, the sense of touch plays an equally important role here. It is all about the feel of different textiles and their weaves,
the smooth glazed or unglazed surfaces of porcelain and the uncut precious stones or serene rounded gems.

However, we do not just want to offer a mixed bag of diverse items, but rather have the desire to transport
local Asian atmospheres and moods, as a whole, an Asian-inspired lifestyle. We hope to achieve this by connecting different pieces together into one holistically curated theme: a set table, a matching wardrobe, a style-adapted recommendation.

 Therefore, we are constantly collecting information, stories and inspirations, and are also happy to receive tips and suggestions.

We are grateful for everything that helps us to care for our longing and our wanderlust.

Come with us!