We are always on the move and looking for the "most beautiful things of Asia": in the busy streets and the ateliers, in the shops, boutiques and studios, in the galleries and museums. But above all we look to connect with people who live and work among these beautiful things.
We watch, listen and try to understand the make, the purpose, the function and the cultural context within which all these exist. And when we have the perfect picture, we choose unique designs, best quality, one of a kind items in limited quantities, handcrafted with love.

On our travels we have come across wonderful brands such as Cashmere Blues, Ekobo, Good Earth, Kontex, Platane, Shyam Ahuja, Spin and Uchino. In addition, we also rely on independent artisans and on our own house brand "ulla k.", which is inspired by the beauty of Asia.

In Focus

There is, for example, the sign of “longevity” (壽 shòu): This symbol of fortune is attributed to one of the five blessings (long life, prosperity, health, love of virtue and peaceful death) and is, as such revered. In this context, in China one speaks of “baishòu”.

Our products

Unsere Produkte

Embellish your divan Embellish your bathroom Embellish your neck Embellish your shoulders Embellish your table Embellish your bed


Ulla K. (China, India)
Angelika v.S. (India, Indonesia)
Amrita N. (Burma, India)
Margareta K.-M. (Japan)